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As much as I wanted to try this myself some day,  a tip of the phantom helmet to Ari the Archivist over at The Swan Archives, who has just finished his cantata:  a ginormous scene-by-scene analysis of Phantom of the Paradise that informs, entertains, and promises to be the last word on our phavourite film.  Erudite and authoritative, it’s also a free-wheeling mini film school specializing in the cinema of Brian De Palma.  Why can’t all film studies be this cool?

In the interest of full disclosure, it’s probably worth mentioning that Phantompalooza 2 simply wouldn’t have happened without Ari’s support and organizational acumen, a debt that no amount of Alycia’s perogies can ever repay.

You must stop reading this right now and head over to The Swan Archives.


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  1. Joanna says:


    Spent some time at and read the “SCENE BY SCENE” commentary and some of it had me laughing out loud! Even if you don’t agree with all of it, you can ‘hear’ Ari in this commentary, which is alive with wit and the been there-seen that perspective of someone who KNOWS this movie well.
    Very well.

    One of my fav…I mean Phavorite comments, even though I don’t necessarily agree with it, says something to the effect of “William Finley ‘over-emoting’ like a coked up Sally Field.” Having never seen Sally Field singing while wired on Cocaine, I’ll just have to take Ari’s word for it, but I burst out laughing at the first read!

    Oh, and the infamous BETTY LOU…Swan’s high school girlfriend, seems to have left phans in a time-line quaundry. According to Swan’s ex sweetie, they were dating twenty years before the time then present (1974) That would put their high school romance at 1954 or thereabouts. PROBLEM…. Swan was contemplating suicide around that time on account of his ‘getting old’. Now, either Swan was the OLDEST high school student (I’d put him around 40, back on the night in question) OR, he was so vain that he thought 18 was ‘old’!

    Granted, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that teen stars probably DO feel that way! I’m sure Justin Beiber’s feeling the heat of ‘AGE’ undoing his former CUTEness. Good Lord, the boy’s just about 16! GASP! SOooo maybe Swan was justifiably bummed out over not being the kid he used to be. But to the point of suicide?

    One more thing for Phans to take note of; Scooby Doo (cartoon, not the movie) has an interactive game of sorts…least I think that’s what it is. ANywho, there is a PHANTOM persona involved. It’s also worthy of a mention that another character’s name is …get this….WINSLOW Fleach. No word of a lie, I saw it when I was looking up our guy’s name. They should have gone with KEACH, like Stacy Keach. No matter… Winslow has finally achieved Immortality. After all,nothing says, “Stay Young Forever” quite like becoming a Hanna Barbera character!

    Shame Swan had to do it the hard way!

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