To *my* shock and surprise…

Music World ad, Toronto Star, Feb. 20, 1975

Music World ad, Toronto Star, Feb. 20, 1975

Here’s an ad for Music World from the Toronto Star, dated Thursday, February 20, 1975.

Looks like the Phantom of the Paradise soundtrack went on sale a few days earlier than I first thought…at least in Toronto.

Now I’m totally confused…I thought new records traditionally were released on Tuesdays. Maybe they weren’t back in the seventies? Anyone out there with a graying ponytail and a vast vinyl collection able to help with this one?

At the very least, the 35th anniversary for the soundtrack was most certainly not February 25, 1975.

So, um, “never mind”. Carry on.



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  1. Jimi LaMort says:

    New releases could come out at any day of the week pre upc codes and scanned sales. Tuesday become the new release day in the 90’s some time.

  2. Joanna says:

    You’re right! The soundtrack came out before Feb ’75 because I remember being over at a friend’s place, and she had the album and had seen the movie. I didn’t see it until one over-cast January in 1975. I remember Nancy trying to describe it to me and that really drove me to want to see the movie, just to make sense out of what she said.

    i.e. “He (Winslow…the guy in the mask on the album) got his head stuck on a record player).”

    I’m not sure if I’m allowed to resort to self-advertising, but I have been working on some PHAN fiction for a bit. I’ve got a long way to go, but here’s a start;

    If you have any ideas on how I should get Winslow and Phoenix to meet up again, without her ending up in Bellvue, could you let me know. (Come on, how would you feel if someone, who you thought was DEAD, just shows up again!) Winslow’s made more come-backs than Elvis!

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