Phantom Soundtrack Remastered on CD

Well this certainly sounds…tasty!  Culture Factory USA presents a “strictly limited collector’s edition” of the Phantom of the Paradise soundtrack on CD, released today in Canada via

A quick glance at the Culture Factory USA website reveals a fondness for Moon Martin, Mink DeVille and The Motels, and promises of deluxe vinyl replica cardboard sleeves along with high-definition remastering in 96kHz/24-bits.  An odd roster to be sure, but we’ll take some of this hi-def remastering wherever we can get it. lists a November 22 release date, but is temporarily out of stock.  It ranked as high as #44 in soundtracks; thank you, Winnipeg! features a Dec. 27 release date.

The original CD release of the soundtrack was back in 1992 and, while fairly decent sounding, was a traditional AAD affair with no special treatment.  (I fondly recall standing in line with about 30 other Phantom fans at Record Baron the day it came out.)

There was a Japanese remastering back in 2002 which apparently sounded almost identical to the domestic release.  Let’s hope the master tapes survived the fire that tragically tore through the Swan Archives in 1974.


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