Phantom Scene by Scene

As much as I wanted to try this myself some day,  a tip of the phantom helmet to Ari the Archivist over at The Swan Archives, who has just finished his cantata:  a ginormous scene-by-scene analysis of Phantom of the Paradise that informs, entertains, and promises to be the last word on our phavourite film.  Erudite and authoritative, it’s also a free-wheeling mini film school specializing in the cinema of Brian De Palma.  Why can’t all film studies be this cool?

In the interest of full disclosure, it’s probably worth mentioning that Phantompalooza 2 simply wouldn’t have happened without Ari’s support and organizational acumen, a debt that no amount of Alycia’s perogies can ever repay.

You must stop reading this right now and head over to The Swan Archives.


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