Today being the 7th anniversary of Phantompalooza, as one of its organizers, I’d like to share some thought and memories about the late Mr. Finley.

First things first:  Phantompalooza would never have happened if William Finley hadn’t said “yes”.  Getting the “yes, I’ll do it!” e-mail was unprecedented because a) he was nearly impossible to contact and b) had never said “yes” to anything in the past.  But yes, we got a message through and after a few days of hesitation* (see footnote) he let us know he was game and he was coming to Winnipeg!

I had the pleasure of driving Bill and his family to a couple of events and I have to admit it was always unnerving to look in the rear-view mirror and see Winslow Leach staring back at me.  Bill was fairly quiet and self-contained, but when he spoke everyone shut up and listened, because what he had to say was always profound and meaningful and more often than not hilarious.  Stick a microphone or camera or notepad in his face and he would turn it on and deliver the goods with the most articulate and passionate string of sound bites you could imagine.  Our local media loved him.

We organized a press conference for Bill and Gerrit the morning after they arrived in Winnipeg.  We invited everyone in the media we could think of, and lo and behold everyone showed up!  The Garrick Theatre was abuzz with activity as there were cameras, bright lights and crews swarming around our celebrity guests, who were grinning and lapping up the long-overdue attention.  Over the next three days we watched in awe as media coverage began to spread, first blanketing the local airwaves, until, intrigued by the sheer audacity of the event, the national media picked it up.  Bill and Gerrit were like proud fathers, cackling as they watched themselves lead the national news on their hotel room TV.

But my favourite memory of Bill was something that happened away from the hustle and bustle of the Phantompalooza events.  I discovered that I was very shy around our celebrity guests; as one of the event organizers I felt that having access to them should be enough, and deliberately resisted asking Bill or Gerrit for an autograph or ‘grip-and-grin’ photo.  But … at the end of the weekend we were suddenly dropping them off at the airport and I had to admit I kinda sorta regretted not having a memento.  I finally gave in and asked the Finleys if I could take their picture, and to my relief Bill just spun me around and grabbed me in a group hug photo with his wife Susan and son Dashiell, and if I ever need reminding that grace and decency still exist in this world, I need only look at this photo of the Finleys.

It was a thrill to have him up here and see him finally get the recognition for Phantom he deserved.  He was a gentleman, a scholar, an artist, and one cool cat.  I’ll miss him.

[* “I first heard about [Phantompalooza] from one of the original organizers, Gloria Dignazio, who got ahold of me and asked “Will you come up?”  She said, “I’ll send you some pictures.”  Now this was the big mistake:  her e-mail was incredibly gracious and very well-written, but the follow-up was a picture of what turned out to be the main group that was putting the show together, but they were all for some reason dressed in biker gear and posed with a motorcycle in front of what looked like a derelict building with a blank marquee!  “This is where we’re going to show it and this is us!”  So I was trying to figure out how to get out of it!  I wrote back politely explaining why I was a little nervous about this, without saying they looked like motorcycle thugs, and two of them wrote incredibly impassioned pleas to come up to Winnipeg and why I should attend and why it was important.  I finally said, “Oh, screw it” to myself and accepted.”  – William Finley interview, FANGORIA magazine, Issue 257, October 2006.]




William Finley (1940-2012)

William Finley, star of our beloved ‘Phantom of the Paradise’, passed away suddenly after a brief hospitalization on Saturday, April 14th in New York.  He was 71.

He is survived by his wife Susan and son Dashiell.

William Finley in Winnipeg at Phantompalooza, April 2005We had the pleasure of bringing Mr. Finley to Winnipeg twice, where he was Phantompalooza’s guest of honour (with Gerrit Graham) in 2005, and part of the entire cast reunion in 2006.  We will remember him fondly as a real trouper – game for anything – and always willing to do one more interview and sign one more autograph for the Winnipeg fans, whom he adored.  We will miss him terribly.

Notable tributes:




Phantom Soundtrack Remastered on CD

Well this certainly sounds…tasty!  Culture Factory USA presents a “strictly limited collector’s edition” of the Phantom of the Paradise soundtrack on CD, released today in Canada via

A quick glance at the Culture Factory USA website reveals a fondness for Moon Martin, Mink DeVille and The Motels, and promises of deluxe vinyl replica cardboard sleeves along with high-definition remastering in 96kHz/24-bits.  An odd roster to be sure, but we’ll take some of this hi-def remastering wherever we can get it. lists a November 22 release date, but is temporarily out of stock.  It ranked as high as #44 in soundtracks; thank you, Winnipeg! features a Dec. 27 release date.

The original CD release of the soundtrack was back in 1992 and, while fairly decent sounding, was a traditional AAD affair with no special treatment.  (I fondly recall standing in line with about 30 other Phantom fans at Record Baron the day it came out.)

There was a Japanese remastering back in 2002 which apparently sounded almost identical to the domestic release.  Let’s hope the master tapes survived the fire that tragically tore through the Swan Archives in 1974.


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Beef and Bouquets

Beef and BouquetsCJOB 68 – Manitoba’s Information Superstation – presents a 90-minute ‘Phantom of the Paradise’ special on Halloween night from 10:30 – midnight… featuring EXCLUSIVE, all new interviews with Jessica Harper, Gerrit Graham, William Finley, (Juicy Fruits) Peter Elbling, Archie Hahn, and Jeffrey Comanor, and Paul Williams! Insights and memories about the film AND Phantompalooza 1 & 2 in Winnipeg!

The special, hosted by John Copsey starts immediately following CJOB’s post-game coverage of the Winnipeg Jets-Florida Panthers game that night! Listen live online at




Phantom Scene by Scene

As much as I wanted to try this myself some day,  a tip of the phantom helmet to Ari the Archivist over at The Swan Archives, who has just finished his cantata:  a ginormous scene-by-scene analysis of Phantom of the Paradise that informs, entertains, and promises to be the last word on our phavourite film.  Erudite and authoritative, it’s also a free-wheeling mini film school specializing in the cinema of Brian De Palma.  Why can’t all film studies be this cool?

In the interest of full disclosure, it’s probably worth mentioning that Phantompalooza 2 simply wouldn’t have happened without Ari’s support and organizational acumen, a debt that no amount of Alycia’s perogies can ever repay.

You must stop reading this right now and head over to The Swan Archives.


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